Missy Higgins Visits TV Guide Channel’s ‘mVids’

dropped by ‘mVids’ on the TV Guide Channel to talk with host Nikki Boyer about her new album ‘On A Clear Night’, how she got into singing growing up, how the songs on her second album are “much more mature” than her debut, her environmental activism, how she makes her tour carbon neutral, and more. Higgins then performed ‘Where I Stood’ and ‘Steer’.

Asked about how music came into her life, Missy said, “I guess with my brother, I was 7-years-old, he was in a band and they used to play around Melbourne where I’m from. I guess I grew up going to his gigs and listening to him. Eventually, when I was 13 or 14, he got me up on stage. I went to boarding school, so on the weekends I’d come up and sing with his band. It was just always in my family. My dad was a piano player too.”

On how the new album differs from her first, Missy said, “Well, my first album I wrote a lot of the songs when I was quite young. The first song on my first album I wrote when I was fifteen. It’s been quite a long time since the writing of those songs and the writing of this album, so I guess I feel like the songs on the album come from a much more mature and maybe slightly more stable head space. I feel like I’m more intricate and musical.”

Asked about if it’s difficult to listen to her older stuff, she said, “It is. It’s nice because I can get kind of transported to where I was when I wrote those songs. At the same time, you progress as a musician and you’re always trying to improve.”

The interview and performances video at YouTube has since been removed.

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