Mitchel Musso & Gia Mantegna Live Chat

and his girlfriend Gia Mantegna did a live chat with fans the other day, where the ‘Hannah Montana’ star talked about being so sick of having long hair and cutting it, plans for a great 2010, kissed on command, snickered at whether he likes Justin Bieber and quicky dismissed the idea of touring with Demi Lovato (the feeling is probably mutual), being glad to be on Disney, how he and Gia met, and what they think about ‘Jersey Shore’. Mitchel also explained the bandages on his hand and on his hip were caused by a skateboarding accident. Watch the chat via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Mitchel Musso & Gia Mantegna Live Chat

  1. AngieAnn says:

    Check out this cool Mitchel Musso video interview!

  2. kai says:

    Hi Mitchel Musso, and his girlfriend,
    I am a huge fan of you Mitchel Musso!
    Are you still doing Pair of Kings??
    I watch that show every day

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