Moby On Animal Production’s Impact On Global Warming

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@moby) on Thursday (August 20), talking about his participation in the concert for the European Union and MTV on Friday and the neglect many in the climate change movement have in mentioning animal production’s impact on greenhouse gases. The vegan electronic artist writes:

It’s a concert to draw attention to and benefit the European Union’s climate change initiative. Which I’m happy to talk about as long as no one minds me mentioning that 24% of climate change is the result of animal production (according to a United Nations report a few years ago).

I asked Al Gore about why he didn’t mention this in an ‘inconvenient truth’ (as animal production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than every car, bus, truck, bus, plane, boat on the planet COMBINED). He answered honestly, basically saying that getting people to drive a hybrid car isn’t that difficult. Getting people to give up animal products is almost impossible. I appreciated his honesty. So I guess I’ll be talking about climate change tomorrow, and I guess I’ll have to mention the most inconvenient of inconvenient truths, that you can’t talk seriously about climate change and global warming without looking at the role of animal production (animal production being responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions and also the #1 cause of deforestation in the rainforest).

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