Mods At Jessica’s Forum Admit To Spreading Misinformation

Contributed by chris:

AJF and Wingman (Robert), two of the moderators at the message boards admit to “playing the game” in relation to the spreading of allegedly false facts on pertaining to Jessica Simpson.

Re: ajf, did you know your post is on Posted: Dec 21, 2001 5:10 PM

Yes, I know.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: every once in a while I post something that is ridiculous in the extreme, or little tidbits of dis-information; and those show up on popdirt, too. And the little reporters and readers take it all as 100% truth; after all, if it’s on the internet then it MUST be true, right? In other words, they can be played–if they’re gonna quote me, or sometimes edit or truncate my quotes so that they don’t have the original meaning, then I’m certainly going to play with them.



Re: ajf, did you know your post is on Posted: Dec 21, 2001 10:28 PM

I did that before lol

I posted that Jessica and I were girlfriend and boyfriend. Someone over at posted it as “truth.”

It was quite hilarious


You know ajf, there’s an old-wise tale saying that ‘If you’ve played with fire, you’re sure gonna get burn.’ As far as that anonymous who allegedly quoted you on, saying why Jessica’s diary been edited when the photographer told Jessica to ‘spread her legs open during that Maxim photo shoot. Whether you quote that story or not I do believe there’s some truth to that story. Which is why the diary was edited by your boss (Joe Simpson) and by powers-that-be at Sony Music. Also to michelle; you don’t have all the facts to say that “MooseShady” or “MooseMan” wrote that story. True not all stories that was quoted on the internet MUST be true, because it’s not. But I do believe in a journalist credo saying “check your sources–twice” before you print them. Bottom line AJF, Jessica’s career is ‘in trouble’ by her doing on that maxim spread because you know as well as I do (And Jessica, I know you’re reading this), her posing in a soft-playboy magazine contradicts her so-called Judeo-Christian beliefs and hurts her career even more. And that’s the bottom line. This is my first and my last post. But believe me AJF, unless Ms. Simpson turns her career around, she’s done in the music industry



How mature and how typical of you to insult me and then ban my screen name so I can-t respond. I guess whoever was monitoring the responses to the Maxim shoot is no longer present because the deletion process is up and running again.

Yes, I do know something about liars – I have been observing master liars at work for over two years now – Jessica Simpson, her management and her message board moderators.

I am going to put an end to this, even before you ban me. In a battle of wits it is pointless to argue with an unarmed opponent and obviously all you have in your arsenal is a finger aimed at the delete button. I guess you have to win your battles any way you can right?

Singing was Jessica’s lifelong dream, was it yours to be a moderator of a teeny bopper website? You spend your days and nights threatening and intimidating teenagers and young adults – you must be so proud. I hope you are as amply compensated for you debauchery as and her family are but, I doubt it. You are probably lucky to get a Christmas card with Love Y-all and her name stamped on the bottom.

Once again you are setting a fine example for young people to follow. Liars lie about everything and now you and Robert have admitted your part in the spreading of misinformation on Jessica’s behalf.


Note: Since we’re only getting 1 perspective on this and in the interest of balance, I’d welcome AJF or wingman to post something in response to these recent news submissions by Chris.

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