Mollie King Checks In After ‘The Christmas Carol’ Premiere

Mollie King of updated fans on the British girl group’s blog at MySpace (@thesaturdays) on Thursday (November 5) after attending the premiere of ‘The Christmas Carol’ on Wednesday. King writes:

I feel a bit like Carrie Bradshaw writing an article, hehe, I can’t say it’ll have any relationship tips though, dammit! I’m looking back at photos on the internet you guys have posted on the forum!! I cannot believe we actually met Jim Carrey last night!! HOW COOL ARE WE!!! Haha!! He had grown a Santa beard especially for the occasion I think… well he looked very Christmassy let’s put it that way!! I was kind of expecting him to jump into character and start pulling all these funny faces but he played it cool so I thought we’d better too!!

We got to walk down the red carpet at The Christmas Carol premiere last night too which I LOVED doing!!! I always want to scream “Ooo I’m on the red carpet’ but I managed to hold it in!!

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