Molly Jenson Sits Down With Pat Boone

Molly Jenson and Pat BooneIn episode eight of the webisode series, Molly sat down with Pat Boone for a chat, talking with the singing legend about how to make it as a musician and be successful – be yourself and don’t copy somebody else.

“I’m just starting out in the music business, and my record comes out March 3rd, so it’s coming out,” Molly told Pat. “this is a new thing for me, and I’ve been writing my own music for about five years. Working on my own stuff for about five years, and I just want some advice. Do you have any advice?”

“Now the only tip I have, and I haven’t heard this (album) before, it’s not released yet, and I just received it, but is to be, which I think you probably are, yourself,” Pat responded. “Don’t copy somebody else.”

Watch via YouTube below.

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