Monet Comments On Bernie Mac Death

posted a bulletin to her MySpace friends (@monetofficial) earlier today after learning comedian Bernie Mac had died due to complications from pneumonia. Monet writes:

RIP Bernie Mac… I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure to work with this great man before he died. When my mom told me the news, I was devastated. He was such a great man, and welcomed me on his show like I was part of his family.

Just like George Clooney said:

“The world just got less funny”.

I pray that his family & loved ones know he is now in a better place.


Watch a clip of Monet appearing in ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ at YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Monet Comments On Bernie Mac Death

  1. John Kariuki says:

    This guy was an all time comedian without equal and he will always be an icon in the American/World Entertainment Industry,.i am I love with the man and to his family I am praying that God gives you strength to see better days,.Bernie has gone to be with the Lord, and when our day dawns we shall see him!
    John Kariuki
    Nairobi Kenya

  2. soya says:

    I am so sadden by Bernie Mac’s death I feel like I’ve lost a family member, he is going to be missed

  3. Patricia Lamar says:

    Bernie Mac, will be missed more than words can express. I think it is safe to say he touched all our lives in a special way and comedy will never be the same without him.

  4. Alice Haynes says:

    This was a man with a passion for God, family, love, life, and laughter. If only we all could be so honest about life in general and our thoughts, this would be a happier place. May God bless his family and his fans because he will be missed.

  5. James Michael Gardner says:

    Bernie Mac, Reggie White and James Michael Gardner.
    You may ask what these people have in common? It is an autoimmune system disease called sarcodisis. It attacks mainly the lungs but can cause inflammation in any of the body’s organs. I have had it for over ten years. It flared up last winter and I got pneumonia and almost died. There were three days where I sat up to sleep and I prayed hard for each and every breath. That incident changed my life, the way I think about life and myself and others. I am one blessed man. I made it through it by the grace of God. I wished it had been the same for Bernie Mac and Reggie White.
    God Bless you Bernie and Reggie and your families.

    James M. Gardner

  6. Daryl Anderson says:

    I found a bible with your full name in it a year or so ago. Don’t know if it’s yours but you can email me if you think it is.
    The parents listed in it are James and Iris.
    P.S. If anybody knows how to get a hold of James, please let me know. I’d like to find the owner of the bible.

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