More Bennifer Photos From Las Vegas

Contributed anonymously: once again wearing her infamous engagement ring was in the gambling mecca to watch fiance Ben Affleck take part in a celebrity poker tournament. But after seeing the Hollywood actor crash out in the first round, jewellery loving Lopez spent the longest time trying on diamond watches, bracelets and rings in Chopard. A source at the store said: “She bought her mother a lovely $14,500 diamond watch. You could tell they both liked it. She also looked at diamond rings. I was dying to ask her if the wedding was back on”

And Ben Affleck Dine At Nobu

October 21, 2003 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jennifer and Ben were spotted dining at Nobu after getting a tour of the Hard Rock’s new high-roller suite, which includes a bowling alley.

Jennifer Lopez & Sis’ Talk Show Starts Next Fall

October 21, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez’ untitled series for Universal Television will be a ‘View’-like show for younger female audiences and have her sister Lynda as co-host. It’ll launch in fall 2004. Will J.Lo be appearing on the show herself? “When her schedule permits, she may appear,” said a Universal spokesman. “She’s very hands-on with all of her projects.” Casting is now underway for the women who will round out the panel.

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5 thoughts on “More Bennifer Photos From Las Vegas

  1. mattychick says:

    I don’t think any one care any more about them they are old I hate them so much it will last about two months and will die.

  2. Cicero says:

    I *really* feel bad for J Lo. She was the biggest thing in the media, and now she’s at a low point in her career. I never really liked her acting or her music, but I hope things pick up for her.

  3. looker says:

    I hate them, especially her for being so talentless. And I hate people who claim that she is talented. So far the only talent I have seen her display is the ability to bring her name into the news with her whack relationships and by flashing her ass. If anyone thinks this woman has a real talent, please tell a single good movie she has been. The Cell….sucked, Enough… crappy, Anaconda…that would have killed anybody else’s career and need to say anything about that turd. And her music. Who are you people buying these albums and have ever wondered why she never gives concerts?

  4. OohSexxy says:

    ^^agree. She has gave concerts though but lip synched. I wonder when their careers sink to an all time low if they’ll still be together? hmm…good questions. If anything his career will pick up and hers demolished, because everyone is sick of her.

  5. Carrie says:

    She’s at least enjoying herself with her mom. I can’t quite understand how she’s stuck with Ben after all the humiliation he’s put her through. I think the ultimate will be when he dumps her for a costar. I hope she doesn’t let it get to that. I hope she starts plotting a revenge plot because she will need one. I think Ben’s a nice person but he’s not in love with her. She met her match in him. It seems he tires of women after awhile, just like her, except she’s put him on such a pedestal that you would think he’s her ultimate dream. It’s going to be tough finding someone like Ben. I’m sure this soap opera will go on for a while. The elopement, the cheating, the breakup, the nervous breakdown, etc.

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