More Conflicting News On Lance Bass In Space

According to today’s New York Daily News, the paper quotes Russian space chief Yuri Koptev who says there is still a seat available on the next Soyuz launch, and “we are looking for candidates.” Koptev said in a statement, “Bass will be secured in a high-tech military facility.”

Russia Says Space Voyage Claim Was ‘Advertising Stunt’

February 21, 2002 – *NSYNC’s will not fly in space, according to Rosaviakosmos spokesman Sergei Gorbunov. Gorbunov said, “Mircorp has no right to sell these flights. They have no link to Rosaviakosmos, we have no contract linking us.” As for the motivation for the announcement, Gorbunov fumed, “It is just an advertising stunt, I can promise you. This is better advertising than he could ever pay for.” There will be a civilian on the Soyuz flight, a Polish businessman named Leszek Czarnecki.

One Down, Four To Go Leading The Pack

February 20, 2002 – has a list of 10 headlines to celebrate Lance Bass of *NSYNC’s possible trip to outer space later this year. Topping the list so far at 22% is ‘One Down, Four To Go’, while ‘Screw You, George Lucas – I’ll Get To The Death Star Myself’ is second with 19%.

Lance Bass’ Space Mission No Sure Thing

February 20, 2002 – Despite all of the press releases and talk, there are still obstacles to Lance Bass of fulfilling his lifelong dream of visiting outer space. No contracts have been signed and no money has been exchanged. Nor have the Russian Aviation and Space Agency or NASA been approached for approval.

Lance Bass Comments On Space Travel Opportunity

February 20, 2002 – MTV News reports *NSYNC’s Lance Bass has commented on the big news of the day, that he’ll be planning a trip to space in November on board a Russian Soyuz rocket. Bass said, “I am completely overwhelmed at this invitation. I’m looking forward to completing this lifelong dream.” Those thinking Bass shelled out the reported $20 million for the opportunity… no way. A Los Angeles production company is putting together a television special about the journey and Bass’ half year preparation ahead of it.

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