More Ink For Trace Cyrus, Mason Musso Displays Solo Chops

Blake Healy of gets behind the lens for episode one of ‘Blake Cam’, where the keyboardist, synthesist, and bassist captures Trace Cyrus getting yet another tattoo and Mason Musso performs a song on guitar, joined by Anthony Improgo. The band is then shown being introduced at a concert, before some more tattoo inking. Watch the episode below.

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15 thoughts on “More Ink For Trace Cyrus, Mason Musso Displays Solo Chops

  1. birtney says:

    What up dudes you guys fricken rock, my name is Britney and I’m 12 years old you guys are my favorite band ever!
    Shake It is my favorite song I also like control they both fricken rock! that would be like awesome if one of you guys wrote back. You guys probably don’t have time to write back ha!? Oh well I totally understand keep living your rock star lives!!lol ROCK ON DUDES

  2. nicole says:

    man Metro Station is awesome they are the bets trace has so many tats its shocking I wonder if Miley is gonna get any it would be so cool if she did she would be just like her brother and dad and mom.

  3. TraceCyrusGirl says:

    I’m gonna marry you Trace! <3

  4. nicole says:

    wow now he has a girlfriend

  5. Sam says:

    Dude’s Trace and Mason sing FRIGGIN awesome on the Metro Station C.D. I can not wait for what the future has in store.

  6. katie says:

    Love the songs and I also love the band Go metro station!!!!!!LOL

    love ya xxxxx

  7. Emola says:

    Anthony is a real doofus, Blake is WAY, too shy mason is real funny more funnier then Mitchel Musso, Hannah Beth is way UGLY and Trace….. Trace is just like me, happy with what he has, doesn’t give a damn about what no one says and hes very creative.

    PLUS: Anthony thinks hes so funny, well we’ll soon see about that when I make this hysterically funny video where I make a total mess up of the Antcam haha!

    Trace looks weak, he’s too skinny he needs to EAT! He should get some advice from FAT Miley.

  8. Emola says:

    Hi, me again have some more info about so called Trace, he has tattoos who knew?? of his sister Miley on his butt!! hahaha and Mason isn’t born with a cool singing voice, he uses a recording of his friend Louise’s voice and mimes the words to it….Blake dyed his hair blonde! and shaved it in a really stylish gay mohawk I’m a real fan of Metro Station! I love them but then again not so much

  9. Emola says:

    METRO STATION!! WOO HOO man, they are so funny!

    TRACE: you look drunk and drugged is it true you take cocaine or do you just smoke cigarettes like some big FAT (SKINNY) baby??

    Mason: Good Luck I’m pretty sure the world wants to hear the truth about you and your gay husband Louise I promised I wouldn’t tell but then again HEY I’m not that sort of person

    Anthony: stop copying Trace you stupid emo….. you look so retarded in your slime suit I’m pretty sure you would look WAY better in a bikini

    BLAKE: poor kid, I found his tattered up diary left in one of those abandoned suitcases in California airport it was written in capital letters BLAKE HEALY and it says he used to get picked on at school for being so quite and used to be the biggest nerd and play the piano to pass his time. he had a bunch of bullies after him, calling him Mozart….write more soon

  10. Emola says:

    OKAY so this is finally what happened and this is the tragic story of how Metro Station DIED! CAUTION: IF YOU ARE A DEVOTED AND VERY SERIOUS METRO STATION FAN DO NOT READ THIS! it may cause you to vomit, faint or cry.

    Trace Cyrus had a heart attack due to an overdose of one of his drugs (I warned him!!) and he died. Hannah Beth was witnessed to be screaming at the loss of her boyfriend and fiance to be, Trace Cyrus. Miley was like, ya think, YA THINK he wouldn’t have died if he didn’t take those smoking kills before bed YA THINK?? it was YA THINK, YA THINK over and over again.

    Mason Musso was so freaked out he realized he couldn’t continue the band due to some mental breakdown and he said it would never be the same ever again. Blake donated his heart to Trace so he could live again, but due to the life support being turned off by a dumb training nurse Trace died without his heart transplant and Blake died due to life without A heart.

    and Anthony got taken in the band Tokyo Hotel as a lookalike for Bill Kaulitz because of his GIRLY FACE and BIG BREASTS.

    in the end everyone burned their CDs and ate their Metro Station inspired mobile phone covers some even ate the merchandise at the website………………………….sad

  11. Emola says:

    hi, love Metro Station and in case you read this, I’m pretty sure you get the idea….

  12. tomicha says:

    I love Metro Station the best band ever. Favorite song is Kelsey

  13. HellooTheree says:

    Ohh. Emm. Gee.
    I can’t believe metro station broke up! D:<
    They were my FAVORITE band.
    And I like trace and everything, but I really hope that mason keeps singing. I like his voice better. NO OFFENSE TRACE! (:

  14. megan says:

    hey Trace you are sexy hot and don’t for get it. I’m Metro Station’s number one fan. I listen to your guys’ music everyday I love disco, Seventeen Forever and Shake It.

  15. Anthony says:

    get back together metro station u were my favorite band ever and i wasn’t even in to that type of music at first

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