More On Mariah Getting Ripped Off By J.Lo

Roger Friedman of Fox News has yet another piece today on Mariah Carey’s work getting pilfered by Jennifer Lopez – on the same ‘I’m Real’ track, including a sample on the track, and a concept as well. Read more.

Performs For 20,000 Gay Men

April 3, 2002 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports did a surprise performance for around 20,000 gay men at the White Party in Palm Beach on Saturday night. The event was held by Jeffrey Sanker of L.A.-based JS Enterprises. J.Lo’s spokesperson said of the show, “Not only did she perform, she was fantastic. I’ve been getting calls all morning.”

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3 thoughts on “More On Mariah Getting Ripped Off By J.Lo

  1. MerryA69 says:

    “Dirt” is on the hand of Tommy, Ja Rule, and J. HO! Tommy tried to drive Mariah crazy trying to make her compete

    with Celine, when Mariah wouldn’t budge and did her own style he tried to drive her crazy attempting to make J. LO a

    Mariah wanna be. The music world should be up in arms over this as they were with the Milli Vanilli type theft!

    Merry A. Green


  2. MaCa says:

    it was so obvious! Jlo has no talent or whatsoever so there you go JHO and Tommy M.! And Ja rule is so over exposed now so yeah whatever

  3. mcfan says:

    That J.LO is so lame I wanna kick her big fat ass!! Mariah is the one with the talent and the singing ability and not that stupid ***** (sorry for my language).

    The most annoying thing is that at first everyone doubted Mariah’s accusations saying she’s just being paranoid. Hopefully now everyone will know exactly what happened and whats driven Mariah over the edge last July. Someone was simply trying to put an end to her and her career and we all know of course who it was. But Ain’t it funny, Mariah’s REAL and that’s why she’s on the rise once again. Cheers Mariah!

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