More Reactions To ‘The Kiss’

Jeanne Moos of CNN got reactions from New Yorkers and celebrities following the kisses with and to open the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. Comedian Dennis Miller remarked, “I am repulsed but strangely aroused.” Moos herself said, “The last time a kiss caused such a stir was when Al Gore planted one on Tipper. Sure, there have been other same-sex kisses, from ‘All My Children’ to ‘Ellen,’ but none with this star power.” And when *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was asked if he wanted to chime in on the kiss, he responded, “I would have rather chimed in on that kiss on stage.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “More Reactions To ‘The Kiss’

  1. annita says:

    Sorry this has nothing to with the topic. I fell asleep before the VMA’s ended, I wanted to know how many categories (Moonmen) did Christina win?… if any.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    She got nominated for at least 2 or 3 awards in the pop and dance category I believe, but didn’t win anything :(

    Okay all this tabliod and media attention stuff about “The Kiss” is getting old already. It was so obvious that they were going to attempt such a very planned and apparently stage acted kiss. And in my opinion, the whole kiss thing wasn’t only shocking, but just plain cheezy and desperate. What’s the big deal!! Obviously this was just an attempt to start controversy and to appeal to more fans, how cheap is that?

  3. jimmypee says:

    LMAO the media is making this into more than what it was. it was a cheap little kiss trying to get attention. wow

  4. Lotus says:

    I remember when “The Kiss” was a reference to the kiss between Jacko and Lisa-Marie. They ARE kind of similar but everyone didn’t see this so it’s unfair to expect everyone to know what it’s suppose to be a reference to this time. I wonder what Justin’s contract with MTV states about his appearances at awards shows. I don’t think Britney had had a chance at that channel now that she is faded had it not been for the fact that they sponsored her movie.

  5. dirrty_flirt says:

    That kiss was to get people talking bout Britney and Madonna cause it would kinda put Britney back in the public eye so when her album drops people will go buy it.That kiss was a publicity stunt and that’s all.I don’t think it was really bad on Christina’s part cause she really doesn’t need any more publicity cause everything she does is in the tabloids so.

  6. promisemewings says:

    Britney used Madonna to get some attention, and Madonna used Britney to get some attention. Personally, I think Britney Spears has a very unhealthy fixation on Madonna. She’s been like this since she first got famous. And you know that Britney’s life had been waiting for that moment. It was like the ultimate episode of MTV’s “Becoming” or something. And why are people talking about BRITNEY and Madonna kissing? Christina got a kiss, too. But oh, I guess it doesn’t really matter with Christina Aguilera since it’s rumored that she’s bisexual anyway.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Just a question…does anybody think that sex these days on MTV and pretty much everything in movies and television is getting quite old, unshocking, fake, and so predictable? For instance, the kiss didn’t give me a shock, it was just so staged, it was like watching Michael and Lisa Marie Presley kissing on stage all over again!!! Plus obviously, since it was the infamous MTV awards, what would we expect but another planned and predictable attempt to go down in MTV history? So pretty much, sex in television is being carried so much everywhere on screen that there’s nothing shockingly amusing anymore. Whatever happened to the passion, the mystery, and the creativity of the birds and the bees of our human nature?

  8. elissawynn2003 says:

    “I would have rather chimed in on that kiss on stage.” Does anyone know what Justin was talking about? Was he saying that he was the one that should be kissing Britney? That’s what it seems like. They are still in love with each other. It’s sad that they can’t do anything about it, because if they did the media and everyone would be saying that they are losers and don’t deserve the attention they get. Madonna is the loser!

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