More Vegas Sightings Of Lance Bass & Joey Fatone

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports *NSYNC’s Lance and Joey were spotted at Mandalay Bay’s VIP room Saturday night along with Drew Carey and others, while Bass and Emmanuelle Chriqui were spotted the same night at the Scintas show Saturday at the Rio.

‘On The Line’ Flops Badly at Box Office

October 28, 2001 – Putting out Mariah Carey ‘Glitter’ like numbers in its opening week despite much more promotion, the and Joey Fatone starring ‘On The Line’ only pulled in a pathetic $2.3 million in its opening weekend at the box office, putting it at the number 11 position. A Miramax spokesman declined comment other than to predict the film would be popular as a home video. Tops for the week was the new Kevin Spacey film ‘K-Pax’ with $17.5 million in sales.

Craps In Vegas

October 28, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports *NSYNC’s was spotted in Las Vegas playing $100 black chips at the craps tables at the Rio 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. Lance reportedly was staying at a 7,000-square-foot high-roller suite at the casino.

Tarlach Calls ‘On The Line’ Watchable

October 26, 2001 – Gemma Tarlach of the Journal Sentinel reviewed the Lance Bass / Joey Fatone starring ‘On The Line’ and said the film “turns out to be a flawed and formulaic but watchable little fable about the pursuit of true love.” As for Lance, Tarlach says of the *NSYNC star turned actor, “Bass is a likable enough lad, but has the expressive range of a Ken doll and lacks the presence to shoulder the romantic lead role.”

Cleveland Free Times Crucifies ‘On The Line’

October 26, 2001 – In perhaps the most blistering movie review ever given, the Cleveland Free Times Milan Paurich ripped the Lance Bass, Joey Fatone starring ‘On The Line’. Paurich questioned the film’s premise saying, “It’s tough even imagining them with genitalia.” As for Lance’s performance, “He-s got zero screen presence and no discernible acting chops.” As for Joey, Milan proclaims, “Fatone-s flatulence gags are almost as repellent as his acting.”

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