Moulin Rouge Wins Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

The and Olympic winner Sarah Hughes presented the best pop collaboration with vocals Grammy award to ‘Lady Marmalade’ at the Staples Center on Wednesday. Upon receiving the award, told the audience, “Oh, man! Where’s Patti? Oh, my gosh! This was so unexpected. Thank you to the academy and everybody thank you mom and dad and Michael and my family. And my girls right here, thank you guys.” Lil’ Kim added, “I… we want to say thank you God for blessing us and who ever made the decision to give us this award, we want to thank you.” Mya added, “I would like to say hi to my mom and dad and thank you Jimmy Ivy for fighting for me to be on this project, and Ron Fair and Missy, everybody there incorporated in this project, thank you so much.” said, “Hi, mom.”

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