Moviefone ‘Unscripted’ – ‘High School Musical 3’

Moviefone ‘Unscripted’ featured ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ stars Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, and interviewing each other about the film. The discussion features Corbin talking in a helium voice, Vanessa takling about being starstruck meeting Celine Dion, Zac revealing the best prank he played on his co-stars, and Ashley explaining the most important lesson she learned in high school. Watch the video below.

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4 thoughts on “Moviefone ‘Unscripted’ – ‘High School Musical 3’

  1. Kira Hooyer says:

    Zac Efron what is your favorite character in high school musical and why do you like the person.

  2. Kira Hooyer says:

    I have a question for Ashley Tisdale and what is your favorite part of being your fashion industry

  3. Kira Hooyer says:

    I have one last question for Vanessa Hudgens and what is your favorite action movie of all times.

  4. Kira Hooyer says:

    I have one last question for Zac Efron because I love your blue gorgeous eyes and who do you want to date in Utah and when are you coming out and I will freak out if you are coming out because my birthday is coming up this year in May 19th and I want to get married to you really soon.

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