MTV Cancels ‘TRL’

Dave Sirulnick, executive producer of ‘Total Request Live, spoke with the Associated Press about MTV’s decision to end the program’s ten year run. “Ten a great number,” Sirulnick said. “This feels like the right time and let’s celebrate it and let’s reward it.” He added “Let’s let it have a little bit of a rest for a minute. Been working hard for 10 years!” The show will end in November with a special 2-hour show, taking place on a Saturday.

Sirulnick said he hopes to celebrate ‘TRL’ the finale with many of the “folks who helped make `TRL’ what it is — whether that’s Justin (Timberlake) and his guys in *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Britney, Eminem — I think we would love to see all of them here.” That would also include the show’s original host, Carson Daly.

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