MTV In The Super Bowl Dog House After Half-Time Stunt

A statement by NFL Executive Vice President Joe Browne regarding the Super Bowl halftime show was released after *NSYNC star exposed the pastie wearing breast of Janet Jackson. Browne said, “We were extremely disappointed by elements of the MTV-produced Halftime show. They were totally inconsistent with assurances our office was given about the show. It’s unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime.” Viacom owns both MTV and CBS.

CBS Apologizes For Janet Jackson’s Exposure

February 1, 2004 – The Associated Press reports CBS apologized on Sunday for an unexpectedly R-rated end to its Super Bowl halftime show, when singer of *NSYNC tore off part of Janet’s top, exposing her pastie covered breast. “CBS deeply regrets the incident,” spokeswoman Leslie Anne Wade said after the network received several calls about the show. Wade said CBS officials attended rehearsals of the halftime show all week, “and there was no indication any such thing would happen. The moment did not conform to CBS’ broadcast standards and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended.”

Conservative Urges Prosecution For Justin And Janet

February 1, 2004 – Conservative radio talk show host and syndicated columnist Kevin McCullough is furious after watching *NSYNC star reveal one of Janet Jackson’s pastie covered breasts during the Super Bowl halftime show. He writes, “Ms. Jackson’s reckless use of a national platform to flash a little ‘boob’ and create a new buzz for herself is reckless and clearly aimed at violating the FCC’s standards of decency. Ms. Jackson AND Mr. Timberlake should both be held accountable for the attempt to present public nudity before scores of children and minors watching across the country.”

Conservatives Morally Outraged By Janet Jackson’s Boob

February 1, 2004 – Conservatives at are spitting in rage after Janet Jackson exposed a pastie-covered breast at the Super Bowl halftime show earlier tonight, as well as Kid Rock wearing the American flag as a poncho. One wrote “I was thoroughly disgusted with the half-time show. Kid Rock disgracing the flag and showing naked breasts is a slap in the face to America’s reputation as a world leader and standard bearer. Bring back the marching bands and get rid of the MTV juvenile crap.” Another complained, “My grandchildren didn’t miss it! And they LOVE sports, and have a blast watching sports with their parents. That’s what makes us sick. Not only do we not want our young guys to see this kind of thing, but our young women either! I know several of our young guys were watching for sure. Ages 12 through 10.” Read more.

CBS Approved Janet Jackson Super Bowl Breast Flash

February 1, 2004 – Top CBS executives approved a musical skit where Janet Jackson would expose her breast by *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake during the MTV-produced Super Bowl half-time concert, the Drudge Report has learned. “It decision to go forward, went to the very top of the network,” a well-placed source explained from New York.

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8 thoughts on “MTV In The Super Bowl Dog House After Half-Time Stunt

  1. DJNY2AI3 says:

    oh MTV produced the half time show? now all this makes since. they get the same channel that allowed Madonna to hump herself in a wedding dress and 20 years later she kisses Britney Spears and they are disappointed. please!

  2. venus18 says:

    MTV likes to have the moments that get talked about. They must have forgotten that the Super Bowl is a family friendly event overall. They probably wanted something to top the kiss.

    Even if Justin isn’t at another NFL/Super Bowl event, he has already performed twice for the halftime show and he just turned 23 yesterday. He already is doing better than some artists.

  3. willow84 says:

    the first thing I thought when I saw it was like whoa this is not good, someone is in deep trouble. this is worse than the Britney Madonna kiss(only because millions of kids are watching). That’s so weird because both of these things are connected with MTV.

  4. JiggaWHAT says:

    MTV ALWAYS bites the hand that feeds them. once they realized that you can pull in a lot of viewers, and therefore money from commercial advertising, they started airing non stop reality shows and cut all their video play.

  5. getalifeyall says:

    No matter what Janet or Justin do during their performances, they’ll never be able to provide the shock value or entertainment value that Britney brings to the world of music. Better luck next time guys!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    “It’s unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime.” Thank GOD cause when MTV produces it, it’s a total joke!! This years was GREAT until Timberlake came out…and the boob thing….well, that was just pushing things TOO FAR. We have to remember that it was CBS and NOT MTV!! If it would have happened on MTV, it would be one thing…but this was CBS!! You don’t even need cable to see it. I guess since we all knew about Justin’s performance in advance, the SUPRISE guest was “RIGHT BOOB!!!”

  7. Diablo27 says:

    The half time show sucked. The only good part was Kid Rock. Everyone lipsynced except for Kid Rock and Justin. And whats the big deal over what happened, it was covered up. CBS can put Richard Hatch on naked and cover it up and nobody says a word. It was prob all MTV’s idea. MTV sucks.

  8. Justincaseyestwo says:

    First of all MTV and CBS are owned by the SAME company. What is CBS going to do??? Say, we don’t want to have the Super Bowl anymore??? Give me a f.u.c.k.i.n.g. break!!!! What I have come to realize is that all of these things just seem to help and not hurt. Oh sure, everyone is going to be up in arms and talk about it ad nauseam (until we’re sick of it) but in the end it doesn’t hurt any of them. Lil Kim did the boob thing and Diana Ross even jiggled it. Didn’t hurt. Christina Aguilera danced and wore those chaps for Dirrty. Didn’t hurt. Britney and Madonna kissed on stage. Didn’t hurt. Britney got married in Las Vegas and had it annulled soon after. Didn’t hurt. Janet and Justin danced on stage and he took off a small part of Janet’s top and exposed a boob (Lil Kim style). Won’t hurt. ALL OF THESE THINGS WERE SEEN BY FAMILIES AND KIDS. ALL OF THESE THINGS WERE AN OUTRAGE. ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL GO AWAY. Has anyone noticed that Victoria’s Secret shows expose more. Girls on the beach expose more. We could go on and on with things that expose more. Should we accept it?? Ahh, with all the really bad things going on in this world ALL of the above are meaningless. None of us are going to stop listening to whoever we want because they exposed something.

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