MTV Made The Popstars

Contributed anonymously:

Okay im going to make this essay as short and sweet as possible.

Some of you are saying that artists like and are what made MTV and TRL. To some extent, yes, but so has every artist that has ever been on MTV and TRL. Some of you are saying that MTV “owes” Britney an award, NO THEY DON’T. Some of you are giving Britney, Christina, Beyonce, *NSYNC, etc. WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT if you think that they have more power than MTV. MTV is what made them who they are today. If MTV never existed, there wouldn’t be Beyonce, *NSYNC, Christina, etc. Even if MTV was off the air today, I bet that Christina, Britney, Beyonce, etc. wouldn’t be as hyped up as they are today, simply for the fact that MTV does give them the opportunity and the benefits of promotion, fame, and success. So be real here people, MTV made the popstars, the popstars didn’t make MTV.

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