MTV Purges Triumph’s Pop Pot Shots

The suits at MTV worked overtime after Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday. Nearly every sentence out of the comic pooch’s mouth was censored by the network by the time it aired out on the west coast. In a brief exchange that wasn’t censored, Triumph was asked about the competition his debut album ‘Come Poop With Me’ faces. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: It’s a very busy time for albums. I’m surprised you released it. Does it stack up against the other albums. Your against Nick Lachey.

Triumph: I’m shaking, who Nick Lachey?

Damien: He’s the big pop star now.

Triumph: What happened with e rest of 98 Degrees? They’re with the other also-rans of *NSYNC, I think. Oh, I’m dissing you. I kid you. I’m going to blow these artist out of the way. Britney, come on. I’m tired of her lip syncing. I’m tired of the lip syncing, Barney the Dinosaur is a better lip syncer than her. Can I introduce the video? You won’t believe your eyes when you see this way [in Poopmation]. And I have a lot of street credit, you know? I come from a musical background. My mama is an afghan, she looks like Celine Dion, and my — that’s right. And my sister isn’t musical, but she smells like Christina Aguilera.

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4 thoughts on “MTV Purges Triumph’s Pop Pot Shots

  1. KeysGurl305 says:

    “smells like Christina Aguilera” right that stupid ho!

  2. Julie816 says:

    Christina is a conceited bitch. Christina says no one is bold as she is bold. Don’t you mean bald Christina? She even said that Beyonce and Britney tries to be desperately sweet and nice little girls. I guess she consider them small because she’s a fat whore.

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    “…she smells like Christina Aguilera.” lmao, so the rumor that she used to smell like pickles in school is true? Gross.. and lmao at his comment about Barney lip syncing better than Brit!

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    ^^^ you three are so sad. notice it’s all Britney fans who feel the need to hate. I won’t hate because I can’t stoop as low as you three. but if I’m not mistaken…he dissed Britney way harder than Christina. see people know Christina doesn’t stink since she has a $5000 dollar perfume sprays. where as we know Britney lip syncs…and barney is a better lip syncer.

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