MTV Shows Bias Against Backstreet Boys

Contributed by elgato:

MTV has once again demonstrated its long-time, on-going bias against the Backstreet Boys. posted a story last week about BSB suing Zomba/Jive. Emails poured in from fans, all supporting the move. You can even look in the ‘You Tell Us’ section, where various emails from fans are posted. All but one supported the group. They said things like “I understand where are coming from, and I am totally with them on this” and “I’m so proud of Backstreet Boys for their lawsuit. As a BSB fan I have long watched Zomba and Jive use the boys and not show them the respect they deserve.” However, the entry that put in the ‘You Tell Us’ feature box, the entry that everyone who comes to the site would see, is the ONE that was against BSB, obviously from someone who’s not even a BSB fan saying “Backstreet Boys need to stop blaming everyone else for their loss of popularity, and start looking at themselves.” It’s funny how when given 12 responses about BSB (11 positive and 1 negative), MTV chooses to put the single negative one in the spotlight. I thought professional journalists were supposed to be unbiased. The full fan comments submitted at have since been removed.

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