MTV Tickets Sell Out In 14 Minutes

The Scotsman reports public tickets for the star-studded MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh sold out in less than 14 minutes. Callers from across Europe last night bombarded a special hotline announced on the music channel. The only tickets now available will be given away through competitions. Hosted by diva Christina Aguilera, the glamorous ceremony on November 6 will feature live performances by Travis, Kylie Minogue, The Chemical Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Sean Paul and Beyonce.

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8 thoughts on “MTV Tickets Sell Out In 14 Minutes

  1. babet says:

    It’s gonna be an awesome show. I’m looking forward to seeing Christina.

  2. lopez_lover says:

    Same performers every year, every show.

  3. GoingUnderr says:

    This awards are like going to be ruined and totally sh**. I mean, it’s bad enough it’s in Scotland but man, Tina hosting? What is up with that? What happened? I think god punished us, or something. It’s like letting someone retarded hosting the award show but sluttier, uglier, fatter etc.

  4. MistySl says:

    Saw the video, when did Christina get her boobs, they were huge, Nice song, kind of Gospel Mariah/Whitney type song. Very interesting.

  5. rachel says:

    Bringmetohell it must suck hating Christina so much but yet she is everywhere. It probably sold out really quick because everyone wants to see Christina;). Beyonce too, cause she is cool too.

  6. missxtina24 says:

    Aww I wish I could got a ticket just to see my girl Christina.

  7. Rayne says:

    This show is gonna be so good can’t wait to see it. And you Know Christina is gonna be a great host she’s gonna tear it up.

  8. musikluver says:

    She will probably be drunk.. that’s if she even shows up! what were they thinking?

    Christina can’t even say 3 words into a camera without doing it over in 4 takes… how the hell is she gonna pull this off…. she is no host! what a waste of money, time , and space for them to even put her as host.. remember to take a bath Christina.. I’m sure they are gonna have to rent a cargo plane just to get her hair and make-up over there.

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