MTV Trashes The Church

Martin Kelly of The Washington Dispatch is furious after watching Christina Aguilera’s performance dressed as a nun at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland. He said, “The good burghers of the windy city allowed one of the most egregious acts of disrespect for the Catholic Church in recent times, which if repeated on the streets would earn the MTV board prosecution under Scotland’s unfortunately necessary, anti-sectarianism laws.” He added, “Miss Aguilera is a cultural phenomenon that has completely passed me by. I can’t name one of her songs, I don’t even know what her voice sounds like. She is a completely closed book, and one that I would prefer did not sully a nun’s habit for the purpose of making an entrance.”

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9 thoughts on “MTV Trashes The Church

  1. PrincessLambFlops says:

    It’s not as bad as when Mariah was caught masturbating w/ a crucifix when she was little.

  2. rangergirl says:

    I think the church should be worried about getting rid of all of their molesters and hypocrites. The church shouldn’t be paying attention to what Christina (I going to follow Mariah straight to the looney bin) Aguilera wears on a stupid award show. Get a grip, most of that celebrity audience -however lame they may be -donate millions to charitable organizations most of whom the church supports or should support.

  3. tazzsgirl says:

    Heh Martin Kelly do know what the real disrespect is to the catholic church is priest who having their way with young boys and the Vatican not doing a dam thing about that’s a egregious act

  4. rachel says:

    Yeah that church thing was disrespectful. Damn Christina Marie Aguilera, you are such a problem child! She cracks me up with all the trouble she finds herself into, that is why I luv her so. The world always needs a Christina Aguilera, you always need that bitch who stirs things up.

  5. Fausto-A says:

    BOO HOO!!! This guy from the Washington Dispatch needs to get a life and get over this. It was just a pop performance, she came out in a nun’s outfit damn she didn’t sodomize a Jesus puppet!!! By the way not all nuns wear those outfits and anybody can rent one from a costume shop. And actually I thought the nun’s outfit was the least offensive thing she wore that night :-)

  6. brostar2 says:

    I agree yet again..except I did not find anything she wore offensive..but its all good

  7. Cicero says:

    It was disrespectful, but it was a SHOW. Shows are about controversy. It’s not like she did anything bad with a crucifix, like Madonna. That would have been really raunchy and disrespectful. But Christina pushed the envelope with going way over the line, so it was fine. It was a nice concept, with all the conflicting imagery and music.

  8. GoingUnderr says:

    Of course the Church will be angry. Tina like totally ruined the NUNS image because Tina is far from that. She ruined the oompa loompa image and now the nun’s image.. because from now on there considered as whores!! thanks Tina, you ungraceful bitch!

  9. rcrc says:

    The church should spend more time worrying about the pervs they have and less time with talentless women like Aguilera…she doesn’t even have the balls to do what Madonna has already done

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