MTV Was Right To Censor Christina Aguilera

Contributed by StayGoneBeautiful:

I disagree with wholeheartedly. Why should female artists, or better yet, women as a whole want to be equal to men? If objectifying women and singing about demoralizing society in their videos makes the male artists money, then they should be allowed to do it. The women in some of those videos should know better and should have more respect for themselves, but unfortunately, they don’t. For the majority of them, it’s all about the Bens. Anyway, back to women. If the lowering of standards makes the men successful, then why the hell would women want to do the same? Women have more class than men, are more refined, and are expected to maintain a certain level of elegance and graciousness, in spite of the fact that some fail at even that. I honestly believe that it is the responsibility of every female artist out there to turn the negative image of women(what makes male artists so successful) into a positive one by not objectifying themselves (i.e. Britney, Christina, Mariah, J.Lo) in their own videos. That would be a start. I love Christina, don’t get me wrong, but I think she’s mouthed off on the wrong thing. Women who want to be equal to men lack ambition, and Christina is a prime example of that. Just my two cents.

Lastly, I want everyone to know that I love men. I just had to make a point and in the likely event that I offend someone, then I am sincerely sorry.

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5 thoughts on “MTV Was Right To Censor Christina Aguilera

  1. tena says:

    well, if Christina puts it out there, there is plenty to analyze

  2. tena says:

    There are ways to show that you are comfortable with your sexuality, and Madonna among others have already put it out there. Chud is a marketing vehicle. And yes her message is supposed to be about empowerment, what does that mean. Probably another way of saying equality, however, since there is the era she was trying to be slick with her phrasing. What relief from double standards, no one should be flaunting their private actions in public, man or woman. I don’t respect anyone who uses skankiness in a video. As far as the the sexuality thing, you guys must never have read any female literature. It’s not like the 60’s didn’t happen or that Christina helped get women the vote or invented birth control.

  3. tena says:

    No, you can’t, but making stupid comments is just plain ignorant. The point was, that in this country a lot has been done in the name of women’s rights, equality, etc. We have come lightyears of terms of things. I think that Christina is being superficial and shallow, as you are, in how she presents her whole empowerment thing. If she was about that, you would have gotten that from interviews from her earlier years, or books she quotes or whatever.

  4. tena says:

    No, lots of people have gotten it on the nose. Christina wasn’t saying a whole lot of anything, its the people talking about her that are saying something. She did what she did to sell records. I doubt that Christina is any kind of feminist at all. As far as being judged, don’t go around telling everyone how many people you sleep with and no one will say crap. If you sleep with people with big mouths, then expect crap. People will judge no matter what you do, even if they don’t say it, they might think it. There will always be people who think Christina is a slut, no matter how many videos she makes or how she tries to explain it. MTV edited the video because it wasn’t suitable for children to view, and there is nothing wrong with protecting the innocent. ***** her statement. Make it another way.

  5. lol says:

    Wha? How is it “objectification” when you’re doing it because YOU want to, and you’re freely expressing your own sexuality? If it’s being controlled by SOMEONE ELSE it’s objectification, but sexuality in itself is not a problem-especially if you’re the one in control.

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