Music Biz Buzzing Over Whether Christina Aguilera’s A Lesbian

Music industry insiders are buzzing after Christina Aguilera’s back-to-back trips to New York City strip clubs that had the singer fondling the breasts of other women. “It’s all anybody wants to talk about now,” a music insider tells Globe magazine. “Christina obviously doesn’t mind being seen in public fondling other women’s breasts. I get people asking me all the time, ‘Is Christina a lesbian?’ It’s the question of the hour.”

An eyewitness at Scores, where Christina arrived with six girlfriends, a couple guys, and a bodyguard described one sexy scene saying, “She jumped on the couch with two strippers and started dancing to her song. Christina went nuts over one of them, wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist and grinding her hips into her. When the song was over, Christina wouldn’t let the woman leave. She told her, ‘You have a great set of boobs’ and started fondling them! Then the stripper began rubbing Christina’s breasts. It was a major touchy-feely session. She stayed for hours. Her friends practically had to drag her away.”

One pal of Aguilera’s explained, “I think she’s just exploring her sexuality and zeroing in on girls. She hasn’t had a date with a guy in months.” The music insider concluded, “Right now, the big money’s on Christina staying in the all-girls club. She likes it too much!”

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