Music Experts Weigh In On Christina Aguilera & Mariah Carey

When The Chicago Sun-Times asked a slate of singers and vocal coaches which pop stars possess real vocal talent, nearly all of them mentioned . Celebrity voice coach Roger Love remarked, “She’s the last new artist that was really incredible. I teach , who’s got one of the top pop records in the country, but there’s still nobody out there who can sing like Christina Aguilera. She has a 3-1/2-octave range, and she sounds totally powerful with it.” But Chicago Symphony Orchestra composer and pop arranger Cliff Colnot had a different opinion of Aguilera’s new pop rival. “Mariah Carey? Oh, come on,” he sneers. “If you asked who was the most famous, then yes — , Mariah Carey, , Christina Aguilera. But I didn’t think that was your question. Mariah Carey … is a little trick pony. She leverages her range like she should, but it’s not new or unique. She’s borrowing from other people.”

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