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I have to say a few things and I’m sure some will disagree or agree to disagree. I come here and read all the comments and stories about some of the so-called “musicians” or “artists” and I watch some people defend those as if their own life depended on it.

I have loved music ever since I was 2. I liked all different kinds of music because the song had to grab me, get a hold of my soul, and I had to relate to it. Then came along. I thought, “Wow, maybe this chick is a little different”. Mind you, I’m 27, so normally I don’t give much credit to any “pop” stars because most of them sing about sh** I can’t relate to anymore. And most don’t become a very good role model for teens. So I became a huge Avril fan only because she reminded me of me when I was her age. The one that didn’t want to be the follower.

I finally realized how ridiculous it was for me to be such a big fan when I read an interview of hers that was done at the time a computer virus came out that was named after her and when they asked her what she thought about that, she replied, “What? I’m not sick!”. That’s when I kicked myself in the ass and vowed never, ever, to become such a big fan of any artist ever again nor defend them ever again. I lost sight of what made me love the music and it damn sure wasn’t the artist. The music industry puts out products like Johnson & Johnson in human form. They market them, promote them, use them up, and toss them aside. And here we all sit defending people that don’t even know we exist nor would they care.

I vowed never to do that again and I am a 3 Doors Down fan and going to see them in concert June 29th. I have liked them since their first hit “Kryptonite” but after Avril I vowed to never ever get that wrapped up into an artist that I was blinded on how much they can make an ass out of themselves.

I’ve learned the hard way that if there are certain bands I like, certain music, to defend that, never the artist. I don’t care if they have the Matrix writing for them or they write the songs themselves because bottom line, it’s a studio with mixed sounds and producers that give us the product.

I see so many young people come to this site and defend Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and even Avril. I don’t have nothing against Britney or Christina or Avril but my point is, why defend someone that, even if they knew you were doing so, wouldn’t give a sh** about you what so ever? They don’t know you exist and they wouldn’t care how big of a fan you are because they have millions. Don’t back someone up that wouldn’t do the same for you. When it all comes down to it, you wouldn’t defend a total stranger, but you defend what you think is a person. Well it’s not a person it’s a batched up product.

I’m not going to sit and compare one artist to the other because it makes no difference. Some might have talent and some might not, but something has kept them around this long for a reason. Whether it be that sex sells or the music does or both, but don’t defend a person you don’t even know. Defend the music that touches you or your soul. The song that you can’t get enough of no matter how overplayed it got or the song that never hit #1. Defend the music because that’s what moves you. NOT the artist.

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