Music Is Universal, Artists Aren’t

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I am upset how nowadays artists, mainly pop artists, aren’t making the effort to be new and to make music that’s more than just technology taking the place of the artist and the whole production of the music and the album itself. It’s annoying how some people notice that Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and have changed their music from pop and hopped their music into a techno/rock/R&B style, and call them “original”. HELLO, it’s the technology that does that, they don’t actually perform instruments and get behind the scenes at making technology sound like music for the dance floor. And even so, that doesn’t make them original, even if they really did wake up one day and say, “Hey, I want to make my music sound different by sounding R&B instead of pop!” That’s not original, artists before them have done that with and/ or without even having technology do all the work for them.

Changing a style of music from one genre to another is a very common and necessary thing that all artists do so to keep up with the audience’s taste in music and to keep up with the times. There is nothing original about that. It’s too common and has been done too many times to just give credit to Britney, Christina, and other pop artist for doing it.

Many of you focus too much on today’s pop artists and their efforts to realize that there used to be a time and a place where music was made to not just speak (or sing/play) to the people, but to speak and sing/play FOR the people. Music was not just something to listen to and dance to because it is the most popular thing or because it’s #1 on some Billboard charts, it’s because it made people feel the song and the artist itself. It had more feeling and meaning as a motif, a thing that many artist these days don’t posses because they struggle to be artistic and unique, but at the end of the day has to still follow by the format that the music industry is looking for. I find that sad.

Who can’t forget about how John Lennon’s music and so many other artists have defined what music should be. Their music was universal (like Imagine by the one and only John Lennon), and the artist themselves are who made it universal because they believed in their cause and believes and made music out of that. Where is that today? If any of you can find that, I would like to know.

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