Music Saves Pink

Singer Pink shows her feet

wrote about how music saved her life in a column for Us Weekly. “I stopped using about 1996 when I started burying friends,” she said. “Four died – three from overdoses, one from drunk driving. By then, I had a goal. I loved to sing, and I knew that I was going to make it one day as a singer. Everyone thought I was nuts, but a lot of my friends who are gone now didn’t have anything to believe in, and that’s why they are no longer here. I was lucky; I had a purpose. And in no time, I was being flown to Atlanta to meet with LA Reid, who signed me to LaFace Records.” She added, “Ten years ago, no one could keep up with me. I’m still an angry youth, but I don’t party the way I used to. I want to get ‘domesticated’ tattooed on my forehead. Sometimes, I like to just make it a Blockbuster night.”

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2 thoughts on “Music Saves Pink

  1. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I wish artists would say more than “I knew I was going to get signed… and then all of a sudden, I was.” Lots of aspiring people would like to know how they got people to listen to their demo, etc. etc.

  2. MusicIsFreedom says:

    I have this article and it was pretty short. Kind of hard to write all the details you’re hoping for when they really want just a short summary. But, I know where you’re coming from. If I have my info correct, Pink was discovered singing RnB at a club when she was 15 or 16. She was then considered to be lead vocalist for a three girl group called Choice. They flew her out to Atlanta to meet the other two girls, they were signed, lived together and recorded for the next two years. The record company then wanted her to go solo. They wanted her to continue the RnB thing (at that point, she was a marketing departments wet dream, white girl sings RnB). She really was into all kinds of music, but, compromised to get that first record out. But quickly did the music she wanted in her next release. The sad thing is with the news articles we read…unfortunately, the editor gives us the story THEY want us to read. That’s why so many artists sound like they can be jerks because a lot of their quotes are taken out of context…which isn’t fair, because now everyone turns on that artist. I’m not saying they don’t all make boneheaded comments from time to time, but, a good portion of the time, their answers to the questions aren’t even pertaining to the context of the question.

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