Mutt Lange Pushes Maroon 5 On ‘Hands All Over’

Maroon 5 hallway

keyboardist-guitarist Jesse Carmichael spoke with about the band getting help from Mutt Lange on their third album ‘Hands All Over’. “He really pushed us more than anybody else has ever pushed us,” Carmichael said. “He’d made a lot of classic records, and I think we all sort of came to the table with this sort of respect for him and the stories we’d heard about how meticulous he was and the incredible success that he’s had as a producer and as a songwriter and as a musician and singer.”

Jesse also talked about working with Lady Antebellum on the album and how frontman Adam Levine’s role as a judge and mentor on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ has been “such a positive thing on so many different levels” for the band.

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4 thoughts on “Mutt Lange Pushes Maroon 5 On ‘Hands All Over’

  1. Tareq says:

    You rock you really got the moves like Jagger!

  2. Tareq says:


  3. Megan J Wolf says:

    This pic is awesome!can I meet you,Maroon 5?I am your #1 fan!!!!!!!!(my e-mail address is the name of my best friend!!!!!)

  4. debra says:

    Maroon 5 is the best. This is a great interview with their guitarist James:

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