Mutt Lange Producing Maroon 5’s New Album

Maroon 5

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@maroon5) on Thursday (July 9) with the following announcement:

have announced they will be entering the studio this month with legendary producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange for the follow- up of their multi-platinum album, It Won’t be Soon Before Long. The quintessential pop-rock producer has produced blockbuster albums for acts like AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, The Cars, Shania Twain and Foreigner. As a producer, his albums have sold an astounding 110 million records in the US alone and he has also received six Diamond Awards for his work- an industry first for a producer.

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3 thoughts on “Mutt Lange Producing Maroon 5’s New Album

  1. Amy says:

    absolutely fabulous choice. Plus they’re gonna record at my home country, Switzerland, just nearby my place. AWESOME.

  2. Jacki says:

    Terrible choice……Mutt Lange is a control freak and not a very good guy. Sure he can make a commercial album and market it like candy to the mass market. I guess this is all the music world cares about. Being a decent human being is not necessary

  3. Graham says:

    Maroon 5 great…Mutt Lange, Out of this world FABULOUS!! To anyone who knows Mutt, the ‘control freak’ propaganda just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Also, look at the musical track record and let it speak for itself. Every major project that he has touched has turned to gold [or platinum].

    I also recall back in the 90s when the liberal media were all defending Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal with the phrase “…not one of these accusations affect his work so just move on…”

    The personal and relational things to do with Mutt, that have provided great red meat for the tabloids are not only far from the truth, they don’t ‘affect his work’.

    Great Choice Maroon 5!!! Hey Mutt…You’re The Man!!!

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