My Confession, I Have Bought My Madonna Ticket!

Contributed Anonymously:

Well Tuesday was the pre-sale for Madonna’s fan club members for tickets to the new 2006 Confessions World Tour. I was up this morning with Visa in hand and bought a ticket to the Philly show since it’s the closest date to me. I have to drive 8 hours to get to this show… I dread that drive but I know it will be worth it.
I ended yup with Sec (1) Row (2) Seat (11).
So hope to see other Maddy fans in Philly!

I was hoping to grab my (2) fan club tickets today buy at $350.00 a pop I settled for (1). The grand total after fees was $384.95 and sadly that does not include parking and a hotel.

By looking at the Pre-sale today all floor seats will be $350.00 and all lower level seats above the floor will be $350.00 as well. Which makes the price range much higher than “The Reinvention World Tour”.

I am assuming based on these prices we are going to get a show that will be mind-blowing.

For what I have read has spared no expense with the stage and props including (3) cat walks that will either take up seats or will descend from the ceiling as in RIT. But by looking at the seating arrangement I am going to guess the cat walks will be grounded and taking up allot of prem seats giving Madonna fans what they were promised a more personal experience.

We are hoping to snag up a few more tickets when they go on sale to the public as my nephews what to go and so does my Mom and a few friends. Hopefully there will be some seats available.

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