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DISCLAIMER: don’t like essays please don’t read this.

Okay everybody, I’ve been reading the so called “Britney hater’s” comments saying they’d respect us more if we were honest and for this time I am going to truly be honest with you all no matter what anybody think, says, or does.

Yes, I’ll admit I am a huge fan.
And I will truly admit Britney does lip-synch most of her performances since her ‘Oops’ or ‘Britney’ album came out. But you know Britney does in fact sing live on slow ballads, it may not be the greatest but at least she’s trying to sing.

Britney has one good reason to lip sync though, she has a lot more of hard dancing to do with her fast songs like ‘Me Against The Music’ or ‘Slave For You’ . Britney puts on such a great concert with her entertaining that it makes up for her lip-synching.

Britney has even admitted in front of the whole world when asked in her one Barbra Walters interview when asked about her voice saying “I think my voice is OK, but I’d love to have a voice like Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston.” So see at least Britney doesn’t brag about her ok voice, unlike some ‘Dirrty’ star. *Hint Hint* .

And you people said to just admit why you really like Britney and say all this stuff about her, well sorry but we aren’t going to lie and say stuff like you tell us to that Britney this Britney that blah blah blah because you Christina fans surely wouldn’t say anything wrong about Christina. And you know there’s nothing wrong with that! All fans will do it for years and years. We won’t say stuff very bad about our favorites.. Its just life.

So, also I will admit I don’t agree with everything Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera or anybody did! I thought it was very unnecessary for Britney to get married just for the sake of it! I don’t like it how Hilary feuds with Lindsay Lohan. I don’t like how Justin is so blah with girls and dates so many. I don’t like how Jessica talks about her first time doing it and in her ‘Sweetest Sin’ video. I don’t like how Christina goes around with a terrible attitude and bashes other artist.
So really I don’t agree with these things!

But I do understand that all these stars (including Britney!!) are normal people who make mistakes sometimes. It’s just their mistakes end up all around the world unlike ours!

But you know I think here at Popdirt ALL of us (including me) should try to do something good and try not to bash stars so much like when Britney spears was injured people went too far saying “RIP” I mean get a life people.

Thank you for reading and remember EVERYTHING I said was the HONEST truth.

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