My Opinion On Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera

Contributed anonymously:

This is not an essay, it’s just my opinion. What I have come to see is that no matter what Britney Spears or does whether good or bad people just like to bash them, especially the haters. It’s pretty sad, because it’s like you guys don’t have anything to do and you just think let me go onto popdirt and bash them. Don’t get me wrong, I like the both of them and I think they are good at what they do. If none of you likes them what’s the point posting a comment when something about them comes up, the more they are talked about, it makes them more famous. While people are on here bashing them, they are out there doing what they enjoy and making millions while the haters are just sitting at home in front of their screens writing trash, it really needs to stop, because the comments are just a waste of time, these stars don’t care what people think about them, they are just enjoying life and that’s what most of you need to do. And those people know themselves; I am not going to mention names.

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