My Opinion On Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel Tour

Hello everyone, by writing this essay I am in no way trying to insult or bash Britney Spears. I am just giving my honest opinion and I think many of you will agree. I saw her tour on Showtime on Sunday night. First of all if I see Britney I will make sure to suggest that she should never EVER try to sing live again. She should stick with lip-syncing because her live performance of Shadow was AWFUL. It really was, and whoever saw her on Showtime will agree unless you are a diehard fan or delusional. She can’t sing, literally CANT SING live.

‘Everytime’ performance was better but still, not good enough. Her outfit was way too revealing, even for her. I guess she has nothing else to offer but her sexuality to the public. She also gained weight. Her butt got bigger. She should have focused on her singing not her dancing. Speaking of dancing, there was nothing new or impressive in that field. We saw that many times before. What was up with that fat drag queen? Seriously, did anybody think he was funny?

And then I watched Christina Aguilera’s ‘My Reflection’ TV special. And Wow, I see clear difference. We have real talent on one hand and on the other we have shadow of an artist. I know everyone is sick of Britney Vs Christina thing. But, to all of the people who bash Christina, watch her ‘My Reflection’ TV special if you want to see real performer on stage. You’ll know what I am talking about.

While with years Britney’s ability to dance will fade slowly, Christina’s voice will stick around for a long time. This is what true talent is all about.

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