My Opinion On The Engagement

Contributed anonymously:

I am writing this essay to tell you what I think about and Kevin Federline’s recent engagement.

I am a huge Britney fan but this is something I disagree with mostly and well makes me think something’s wrong with Britney anymore.

Please note I could be seeing this wrong but it seems a little weird to me that Britney calls this True love But please don’t get me wrong it could be but I just think if Britney wanted to find true love, her and Justin should get back together.

Sadly, it’s scary because I think Britney is ruining her career because as soon as you mention her name to anybody a lot of people think she’s wild and bad which is right for her age but mainly I think Britney and Justin were well when they dated actually normal and not out of control.

Although I still like Britney I just think it’s not a very good decision although I could very well be wrong. I wish Britney the best of luck with her career!

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