My Opinions On Both Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

I am currently not a member of this site but I visit it daily. I find that one of the problems here is between the Christina Aguilera and fans.

I just thought I’d share an opinion on both. By the way I am neither a fan of both.

On Christina Aguilera:
I think she has an incredible voice. She blows her competition out of the water. I now understand why she is of the vocal status of and Whitney Houston. She has a great body. For such a tiny person, she has curves. You can’t help but notice those Latin hips and breasts. She has the best eyes in the world too. Her career has yet to reach its peak…meaning she will be a whole lot bigger in the future. Though I disagree with her “Dirrty” image, I realized she did it as a statement and not to sell fully such as Britney and Beyonce. I like how she is strong and is very honest. It seems like the rest of the music business is quite intimidated of her because she has so much talent. Even if I’m not a fan of hers, I can easily see the intimidation and greatness she possesses. She is sure to stick around for years. With her voice, she may become the biggest female artist around.

On Britney Spears: Britney has a great reputation of making upbeat pop songs that keeps her career going. Her voice, I must admit, is the worst I’ve heard in years. But her dancing is on the lines of Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. Her body is fit. A little too man like though. But she does have a few feminine features. If only she had more. I do not like how she represents herself lately. Very sexual and quite an airhead. Even when both her and her fans know her fan base is made up of children. However she seems to come through it. I guess because she is a media darling…which helps sometimes. But that can be her downfall. I have noticed that her career has been taking a little downgrade recently. Hopefully she’ll bounce back with a new single. And not to be harsh, I hope she bounces back with a brain and with some sense. If she grows up, she’ll come back stronger than ever. But her so called rival may have her beaten by then. :(

So there are my opinions. Not too harsh, but honest.

I think the reason why their fans can’t get along is for the mere reason that they are of mixture of four different Music Icons:

*Christina is a mixture of Whitney and Mariah Carey. You can tell vocally.
*Britney is a mixture of Madonna and Janet Jackson. Both musically and image wise.

The reason why their fans can’t get along is because they’re both young and have successful careers. And they are absolutely different. But if someone were to ask the Christina or Britney Question…I would eventually say Christina. She holds more honesty and talent. She is stronger than anyone in the business. Along the lines of Cher and Madonna. And the girl can do everything!

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One thought on “My Opinions On Both Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears

  1. Marquez Jerel says:

    I must say I love both Britney and Christina. I’m Britney’s biggest fan but Christina is awesome too. I agree with the talents of Christina. she is amazing but I don’t agree with how you say Britney has the worst voice. she has a great voice. Singing isn’t about how many high notes you hit its about how you make it ur own it n rock it n Britney, like Christina, rocks it! Britney also has an amazing body and is very curvy. She has muscle tone which I find very sexy on a woman but she is not manly. Christina also has a very nice body as well. N both Britney and Christina are awesome dancers just so you know :-)

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