‘My Prerogative’ Not Likely To Debut #1 In Australia

Now before I start I just want to let everyone know I live in Australia and am a huge fan.

All of singles from “In the zone” have debut at #1 in Australia. When “Me against the music” was released it quickly shot to number one for several weeks on the Aria singles charts and Club play chart. Then soon after her 2nd single “Toxic” debut at #1 after receiving great airplay all across Australia. Now as you can all guess “Everytime” soon followed and shot to number one after the remix received massive airplay as well. Shortly after it was announced that Britney’s next single “Outrageous” was to be released it was quickly picked up by Radio stations every where and was played non-stop. Now as we all know Britney ended up canceling the single after injuring her knee, but that didn’t stop “Outrageous” getting to number one on Nova FM and Today FM(the two biggest commercial radio stations in Sydney) Nightly Hot 30 countdowns.

I am very up to date with pop music, and I buy new CD’s and Singles every week. “My prerogative” was picked up by radio a few months ago, and has received mediocre airplay since. The reason I am writing this article is because it seems inevitable to most “My prerogative” will hit number one but I can guarantee it won’t.

The single was released November 8th along with another line of huge singles. November 8th has seen the release of Gwen Stefani’s “What are you waiting for” which has absolutely received enormous radio play. Also this week Hilary Duffs new single “Fly” is out, which has also topped the Radio Hot 30 countdowns. The huge club hit “Put em high” is out, as is Ashlee Simpson’s new single “Shadow” which is doing quite well considering her last single was huge here.

Britney’s biggest problem though will be beating Eminem’s new single “Just lose it” which was released last week with Destiny’s Child “Lose my breath”. Destiny’s Child came in at number #5 and Eminem came in at number #1. As an Australian I know how huge Eminem is here, and I see his new single keeping the number 1 spot for a few weeks. If Britney can beat Gwen and Eminem to #1 next week it will be a miracle and prove Australia to be one of Britney’s biggest fan bases.

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