My Review Of Nick Carter’s Concert On March 8th

Contributed by musiclover03:

As much of a fan I am… I have to say the night wasn’t that great. I was pretty disappointed. Not at the star but at how the concert was set up. It was at the house of blues in Anaheim. First we had to wait in line for an hour in a half before they let us in. Everybody even had to go through metal detectors. We finally got inside but we had to go upstairs for some reason…that made it impossible for us to find a spot downstairs on the floor. But we made it downstairs just not on the floor. Anyways… I didn’t have that great of an experience there were these crazy people in the audience and I just happen to be standing right next to them, they were annoying everybody in our area, one kept looking at me I personally wanted to sock her. Anyways it felt like it was over 100 degrees I felt like I was going to faint, everybody else looked like they were sweating to, it was ridiculous. The security guys were giving everybody water that was on the floor. On top of that we had to stand for 3 whole hours during the concert, there was a point where me and some other people had to get some air.

Onto the concert. The opening act SEV was pretty great, they kind of reminded me of Linkin Park but more hardcore. Then we had to wait for about 45 minutes before Nick came on…Everybody started to shout: “We want Nick” then he finally came on. The first song he performed was “Girls in the USA” the crowd was going insane, it was awesome. He did some rock covers, and some backstreet songs. He played his guitar on some songs which he is awesome at. The last song he sang was “wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you” it was beautiful. I somehow snuck my camera in, so I got tons of pictures which was nice because they were checking purses and everything but we hid it.

Well that’s my review. Despite of everything that sucked, Nick was awesome. His concert is totally different than a backstreet boys show.

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