My Review Of The Onyx Hotel From Showtime

Contributed by DiVa4LiFe:

I thought ’ HBO concert for the The Within a Dream Tour was much better, more exciting, just the overall production was 100% better than Showtime’s. I’m a big Britney fan but her live vocals were terrible, I cringed during her performance of ‘Everytime’, she definitely could use some vocal lessons, maybe her earpiece was too loud, I have no idea.

Her speech before the song was very sweet, very genuine and sincere. I really didn’t like the cabaret version of ‘…Baby One More Time’. I also didn’t like ‘Breathe On Me’ or ‘Touch Of My Hand’. It wasn’t erotic or sexy, it seemed kind of tasteless, forced and over choreographed. She shouldn’t try to be sexy she should ad lib on some of her movement and let it flow.

A lot has changed since Wade was in charge of her tours and choreography, she seemed more at one with the stage back then. Her whole persona has changed I guess she thought by getting rid of her old management, security, etc, would better her career but, I think things have gotten worse.

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