My Thoughts On Britney Spears’ Engagement

Contributed Anonymously:

It’s been announced that is engaged with her back up dancer Kevin Federline, who has a pregnant wife I believe. Well, this is my opinion. I’m not saying that Britney is 100% moral or is 100% perfect through and through, or has to be, but for someone who got married for 55 hours, proclaiming how she still believes in the sanctity of marriage while saying that the reason why she got married in Las Vegas was because she was “being a girl” and because she just “wanted to have fun”, and now being engaged to someone who doesn’t seem to have any morals or responsibilities for his ex lover and her unborn child, it is just absurd really!

And you Brit fans are saying things like, “yay Britney congratulations!”, acting as if the pregnant wife is out of the picture completely. I bet if it were instead who was with a backup dancer with a pregnant wife, and being engaged to him, you know that majority of you “obsessed” Britney fans will be bashing and criticizing Christina with every chance you get, and saying things like, “At least Britney believes in the sanctity of marriage because she said so!”

But anyways, I don’t get why Britney bothers with making her look like a hypocrite like this. Why can’t she just shut up and keep her “morals” about marriage to herself before getting married quickly and acting as if nothing happened after that. And plus, I don’t see the reason why she is doing this. I mean if she’s in love or whatever, great, but marriage is a different thing and it’s not like a leash that you put on a dog and just throw away once you get tired of it. And how can somebody just get married after having a marriage annulled and just knowing a guy for barely a year. It’s just ridiculous. But oh well if that’s what she wants to do, then great, but I just find it weird for her to do such a thing.

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