My Thoughts On The Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Fiasco

Contributed by DiVa4LiFe:

Let me just put a little disclaimer on this: This is strictly my opinion some of you may agree some of you may strongly disagree, and I know you will, it’s their life their business etc, etc. But I’m going to go out on a limb and post my opinion anyway.

I’m really mot one for placing judgment on people, but this whole thing is just ridiculous, and when you live a life as publicly as hers, well then…

She should have really thought about getting some serious counseling before she started a new relationship or even another marriage for that matter. She admitted on her MTV Diary that she always has to have a man in her bed, or in her home, that’s why her male makeup artist spends so much time there, they usually stay in bed and watch movies. She is a walking cry for help, she doesn’t know how to end one relationship before she starts another.

When she was still married to Ojani Noa her first husband she was dating and Puffy, when she was dating Puffy she was seeing Cris Judd (before that she was rumored to be seeing Matthew McConaughey and was said to have a fling with Ja Rule), when she was married to Cris Judd she started seeing Ben, before the ink was dry on her and Cris’ divorce papers she was engaged to Ben, And she had to be seeing Marc at the same time, all of a sudden they up and got married, before the ink dried on his own divorce papers to Dyanara Torres. Marc’s no angel either, he was married to another woman before Dyanara and they have a daughter together who he is by law not allowed to see, something really terrible had to go wrong for him to be denied visitation of his daughter, Before he and Dyanara renewed their wedding vows she publicly accused him of cheating. The reason for this divorce, she said he got at least two women pregnant both models, one of them for sure, because of a paternity test, and he has two children with Dyanara, and this is the type of man Jennifer wants to be with, they deserve each other. Some people say the reason they think she got married is because she wants a baby, and she doesn’t want to do it out of wedlock, but why do it with someone with so much baggage? And does it really matter at this point? I find it hard to believe that when she and Ben canceled their wedding it was because of the media attention, but yet she finds a convenient way to marry Marc.

She definitely is Jenny from the block, she’s been up and down the block around the block and through the block.

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One thought on “My Thoughts On The Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Fiasco

  1. Marilyn says:

    What a mouth. You state, “I’m really not one for placing judgment on people”. But you just did. Is there something mentally wrong with you? If you have nothing “good” to say about someone you should not say it. Like my mother says, que boca y que “Dios” te la bendiga”.

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