Myleene Klass Admits She Was Too Skinny

admitted to OK! magazine that she thinks she became too thin after Hear’Say split. “I was too skinny, but I thought I looked okay.” Why the dramatic weight loss? “My ex was very critical,” Klass said. “He told me I was ugly, fat and didn’t deserve to be successful. It started slowly. He commented on how much I ate, but by the end he was so controlling, he locked me inside my flat. He never struck me, but abuse can be verbal as well as physical.” The singer added: “I was well aware people were talking about me when I walked into a room. I was so paranoid.”

Launches Anti-Bullying Website

June 8, 2005 – Former Hear’Say singer Myleene attended the launch of the new help and support website at a school in London, England on Tuesday (June 7). The site has been launched by children’s charity NCH and phone company Tesco Mobile who say that one in five young people has been bullied or threatened via their mobile phone or computer.

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