Myleene Klass Would Love To Work With Justin Timberlake

Former Hear’Say singer turned classical musician Myleene Klass tells The Mirror she’d love to work with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “I would so love to work with Justin,” she said. “People think he just does pop but at the beginning of ‘Cry Me A River’, there was classical music. He’s so lovely.” Asked how her solo career is going, Klass says, “I love being solo because I go into the studio and can do whatever I want. When I was in the band, I couldn’t even recognize my voice.”

The Snake Is More Like A Worm

June 4, 2003 – A blind item in today’s edition of The Mirror asks, “Which pop Lothario is not as well endowed as reports suggest? Two girls who have been intimate with the singer say his snake was more like a little worm. Oh dear.”

Myleene Klass Comes To Rescue Of Bleeding Man

May 28, 2003 – Ananova reports former Hear’Say star Myleene came to the rescue after she spotted an 82 year old American man bleeding in a busy London street. Klass sent her sister off Jesse to get towels from a nearby store to stem the bleeding and ordered an ambulance, and made sure the man was not moved in case it aggravated any injuries.

Myleene Klass’ Junk-Food Obsession

May 20, 2003 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene tells the London Daily Mail she was obsessed with junk food when she was in the group. Klass revealed her regime involved “going to bed on a full takeaway then having another for breakfast. If I had to get up at 4am, I would have another takeaway.”

Myleene Klass Desperate To Marry Boyfriend

May 15, 2003 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene tells The Mirror she’s moved in with her tour manager boyfriend Graham Quinn and is desperate to get married. “I’d love to get engaged to Graham but you have to tell him to ask me,” she said. “We’ve just moved in together and we’re still enjoying that sort of honeymoon period, but it would be great to get married one day.”

Myleene Klass’ Post-Hear’Say Split Breakdown

May 14, 2003 – Myleene tells The Sun the stress after Hear’Say split got so bad her weight plummeted, and she lost her famous cleavage as a result. “My mum, dad and boyfriend were very worried. They had to make sure I ate and slept,” she said. “I lost weight and my boyfriend called me Boney M, so I tried to put on a few pounds. I was well aware people were talking about me when I walked into a room. I was so paranoid.” The singer also revealed she’s ready to settle things with former bandmate and rival Kym Marsh. “I’ve not spoken to Kym but I think she has done brilliantly by getting to No2 with her first solo song,” she said. “If I saw her out I would like to say well done.”

Myleene’s Klassical Contract

March 2, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass has signed a deal worth £1million 3-album deal to re-launch herself as a classical performer with Universal Classics – part of the giant Universal Music Group. “People forget Myleene is a classically-trained musician and can play harp, piano and violin,” a pal said. “She has been busy writing and recording tracks and she hopes to get her debut solo single out in the next few months. Myleene wants to be seen as a sexy classical artist with attitude.”

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