Myleene Speaks Out On Kym Marsh Hear’Say Split

The Sun reports Hear’Say member has spoken for the first time about the split from the group. Myleene said, “I won’t be resorting to the playground tactics she seems to insist on.” As for Kym labeling her a bitch, she insists, “I’m not a bitch and I don’t like being labelled as one.”

Travis Comment On ‘Manufactured Bands’

March 21, 2002 – Travis took part in an online chat on BBC’s Radio 1 where they were asked “What do you think of manufactured bands like Hear’Say?” The guys responded:

Dougie Payne: I think it’s fantastic TV but it’s not really about music, is it?

Andy Dunlop: Some of the manufactured bands have great songs. They work just as hard.

Dougie Payne: and The Backstreet Boys work their butts off, so fair play to them.

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