Myra Working On Album Artwork

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialmyramusic) on Monday (July 13), talking about work on her second English album. The American pop singer writes:

Hi guy’s, how’s it going… First thank you for all the love!! The Album… I am working on all the new art work and direction as well as style of my new work. Looking for dancer’s and putting it all together. I am so excited for all my new opportunities that have presented themselves this yr. I will let you all in on the movie and Album soon, soon, soon. I am doing it all very independent and feel so blessed right now. Keep in touch.. and I love you all so much! Who can dance.. I will be having an audition soon and will be updating you all on date, time, and place. But you have to write me first! Xoxo Tell me a bit about yourself and why would you be a great Myra team player. Love you all, have to run for now. Xoxo don’t forget to write me..

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