Nadine Coyle Fails To Land Solo Record Deal?

is having difficulty finding a solo record deal as Girls Aloud continue their break, getting rejected by the British girl group’s own record company Polydor and other Universal imprints. “Nadine had meetings but none of the Universal labels wanted to take her on. She’s tried to get a deal elsewhere but with no luck,” a source told The Sun. Nadine was the only Girls Aloud member seeking to follow the solo success of Cheryl Cole, though Coyle has at least landed a songwriting deal with EMI.

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2 thoughts on “Nadine Coyle Fails To Land Solo Record Deal?

  1. bruce garfield says:

    The report in the Sun stating Nadine Coyle as being label-less and passed over was absolutely incorrect.

    I am Nadine’s worldwide manager and the truth is Nadine was pursued by labels from EVERY major label group and was also given the choice of signing with ANY Universal label, all of whom wanted her.

    Selection of a label was a very complex and time consuming process; an important choice for Nadine to make. That selection has been made and the deal done. That announcement will be forthcoming shortly. Plans for the release, a TV special, live shows, and much more is already in the works

  2. Joel says:

    I’m glad those are lies, I went to GA’s Concert in Liverpool last June, Nadine is the best singer by far from the group, she is gorgeous and can dance very well.

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