Natalia Kills Catches The Eye Of Bill Clinton

Natalia Kills is in the money

spoke with Billboard about catching the eye of former U.S. President Bill Clinton at Austria’s Life Ball event. “It was me, Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields and Vivienne Westwood all around this table.” Kills explained. “[Clinton] was kinda staring at me. I was sorta ignoring it, thinking he was staring at Brooke Shields because she’s so beautiful. But he walks over and says, ‘Nice to meet you. I’m Bill.’ And I was like, ‘Yes, I know, my name’s Natalia,’ and he said, ‘I know. You’re Kills.’ I guess he’d been asking everyone all night, ‘Who is this eccentric, exquisite-looking girl?’ Then he asked to take a picture with me. It was a wonderful night – one of the best nights ever, actually!”

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