Natalia Kills Confused By Illegal Downloading had a cup of coffee with Natalia Kills, asking the ‘Mirrors’ singer about illegal downloading. “No, I don’t actually know how to. I guess you just type in the name? I don’t know how to illegally download, I don’t know how it works,” the 24-year-old confessed. “You type in the name of a song or something and put the word ‘free’ after it, I guess? I don’t really think about it. I make music because I like making music. I understand the repercussions – if people don’t buy the music you’re less likely to make a second album. You’re likely to have awful videos which are really bad quality and probably a low-production stage show. The fans won’t get a really good product. But if people want to hear the music and if they can’t afford it or if it’s not out in their country then why shouldn’t they listen to it?” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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