Natalia Kills: I Don’t Mass Name My Fans

Natalia Kills wears headband

checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) on May 6th with a bit of a shot at her peers who give their fans nicknames, whether it be Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters”, Kesha’s “Animals” or Nicki Minaj’s “Barbs”. The English pop singer, who released her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ last year, writes:

@LauraKills3 I don’t mass name my fans… I respect you all as individuals…

@xxCALLMEKILLSxx Not trying to confuse anyone, but everyone I meet/talk to gets called “Love”, “Lover”, “Dollface”, “Sweetheart” or “Doll”

@xxCALLMEKILLSxx That goes for my friends, fans, folks & boyfriends too… it’s not a mass name, it’s a pleasantry and term of endearment! xx

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