Natalie Imbruglia Avoids Response To Kelly Diss reports that after Kelly Osbourne labelled Natalie Imbruglia “a cu**” who stole her sister’s Aimee’s boyfriend Daniel Johns of Silverchair, Natalie could only respond with, “Kelly who?” And then refused to talk to the press so no-one would ask her about it.

Kelly Osbourne Buys Slim Fast For Dad, Snickers For Her

The London Star reports Kelly Osbourne was spotted buying a Slim Fast diet drink and a couple of Snickers bars at a market on Sunset Boulevard. A curious cashier asked if she was on a diet. Kelly replied, “Hell no. The Slim Fast crap is for my dad – the Snickers are for me.”

Police In Australia After Kelly Osbourne

The Herald Sun reports City Central police are hoping to talk with Kelly Osbourne when she next visits Australia after Ozzy’s daughter was snapped with an alcoholic drink at launch party last Monday. Kelly is currently 17 years old, below the country’s legal drinking age limit of 18.

“We’ve put in a request to speak with Kelly Osbourne and representatives from her record company on her return to Australia,” Local area commander Superintendent Glen Harrison said. “Then we’ll determine what action should be taken.”

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